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B U G D E T 

We understand that many times there are  budgets and price ranges that many of our guest and corporate companies have pre-set for their catered meal and services either per person or in the event. Please feel free to note those budgeting requirements upon contacting us . Upon receiving this information, we will develop a menu that will accommodate your budget or get our pricing as close as possible to your price range goals while still providing the same amazing experience.

P R I C I N G  &  D E P O S I T S

 For private in home dinner parties, there is a per person menu cost as well as a 30% labor charge for full service dinner parties. There is a flat rate of $25.00-$75.00 for all drop off events. Full Service : All plating, utensils, linen napkins, personalized menu prints, table runners and linens, charcuterie\cheese boards with utensils as well as serving platters are included in the total cost for those parties.  We accept credit cards, debit cards, check, cash or Venmo for deposits and final payments. Deposits are $50.00 with the remaining balance due anytime between three days-the day of the dinner parties.

 P A Y M E N T   M E T H O D S

Final Payments are typically due the day of your event for full service events and three days before your event for Drop off Events. See Payment methods below:
Payment Methods

Credit Card Authorization Form 

3.5 % Processing Fee
No Fee
Mailed Check
No Fee
3.5% or Fee Paid by Host
Cash Payment
 No Fee