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    Hi All,

    We've been FORCE to switch things up for the next few weeks =)  We are offering food delivery services with a Daily menu as well as weekly meal preps which will be posted here onsite, our facebook page and our google feed. I'll link those pages below. The menu will consist of items from our larger Dinner menu (as well as new dishes that we will play a game of Chopped with since grocery stores are empty: Just kidding guys but that would be a fun idea)! 

    We are in the process of consulting our food distributors to make sure everything we need is in stock so the menu should be live soon. We are, just as many of our small business neighbors, committed to continuing all food safety procedures as well as implementing some new CDC suggestions to ensure everything is cleaned and sanitized before and after each event prep! 

 I am continuing Operations for all Drop Off Events and will resume Full Onsite Preparations starting April 1st. 

We got this ya'lll!

Lets remember to be thankful, be grateful and This Too Shall Pass!

-Chef Holli T


Brunching in NOLA

Champs Bar,  Avocado Toast Bar , Omelet Station & More

Cocktail Socials 

Small Bites, Tapas & Heavy Hors d'oeuvres  

Private Dinner Experience

Cocktail Hour, Creole dishes & Beautiful Tables 


T H E  E X P E R I E N C E

Our chef services are  very unique and personable experiences that we aim to make detailed and memorable no matter the size or theme that is accommodated. We service a large variety of events from corporate contracts to private in home dinner parties to yacht accommodations and private in-flight jet catering. Here is how the experience works: 1) We send over packages and menus that would best correlate to your event type and theme. We also gather all imperative information such as the date, location, dietary restrictions, price ranges and notional guest count.  2) We pinpoint a desired menu and send over a quote based on either your options or package chosen. 3) Deposits are set, collected and the events are secures. 4) For corporate and large events, we set up walk through meetings to view the space and devise a time table for the day of operation and set up. 5) Day of: specifically for private in home events, 20% of the catered meal such as marinating processes, chopping seasoning, seafood cleaning and meat trimming are prepared offsite at our prep kitchen with the remainder of the meal fully prepared in home. 

M E N U 

We accommodate all dietary restriction and adhere to all allergies as well when menu planning so please be sure to disclose any restrictions and allergies that are known as soon as possible. For events 6 guest or more you can choose a total of up to two main course options for guest to choose 2 weeks prior to the event -or- Multiple family style entrees for the dinner guest to sample! Guest headcount as well and a finalized menu are required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled events date!

E V E N T  P L A N N I N G  |  D E S I G N 

We offer a variety Design aspects for the overall look and feel of your event. As a Event planner, We’ve teamed up with over 20  Vendors, florist and Rental Companies that can contribute to elevating your space or executing your vision better than any other event planning  company in the are for any themed event you've envisioned. We hold various consultations with all vendors on your behalf to be sure your theme is portrayed perfectly and thoroughly.As a creative,  I am available 24 hours a day and hold upwards of 5 collaborative meeting to make the dream of your event as realistic as possible. 


H O L L I  T A Y L O R

Private Chef/Owner 

Holli Taylor is a New Orleans native, self taught chef who devotes her talents to the Creole, Cajun infused world of cuisines with beautiful plates, simplistic flair and impeccable flavors.  Entertaining is her forte and every dinner party becomes a unique and memorable experience.